What Your Kids Will Remember When They Grow Older


As a parent, it’s always a struggle to think about what experiences you should give your child. It’s especially difficult when they’re glued to their electronics when they’re not in school. Using a spy on text message app can help you keep track of your child’s interests and hobbies, but it’s not the same as making meaningful memories with them. The important thing is to do what your kids will appreciate and remember for years to come.

The Times You Shared Together

Family quality time is so important.

Nothing can replace quality time.


One of my fondest memories growing up was walking to the ice cream parlor with my father every Friday night. It would be just me and him, sharing stories about what happened at school or work that week. And he always bought me my favorite ice cream flavor. In today’s day and age, there are so many distractions that prevent us from spending true quality time with each other – don’t let that happen to you and your child.

The Vacations You Went On

Your child may care about the newest smartphone at the moment, but it won’t matter ten years from now. Even if you use a spy on text message app to monitor their activities, their time on the Internet can’t compare to real life. Instead of splurging for the newest piece of technology for your child, treat them to a family vacation instead. Whether it’s an inexpensive day trip to an attraction a few towns over, or a week’s stay at Disney World, it’ll be something they’ll never forget.

The Lessons You Taught Them

Kids depend on us to be their guiding light, helping them navigate this crazy world. Life lessons, especially ones taught by their parents, will stick with them forever. They’ll always remember how you showed them kindness when other kids were bullying them at school. Even if the world is against them, they know that they have a friend and a parent in you.