The Best Songs By Jonathan David & Melissa Helser


Worship music is more relevant around the world than it’s ever been. Meanwhile, bands like Hillsong United and Bethel Music tour all over, playing in packed auditoriums and stadiums. One of the latest additions to the Bethel Music collective within the past couple years is Jonathan Helser, who hails from the hills of North Carolina.

Helser and his wife Melissa run discipleship schools at their home in North Carolina for half the year. They also spend the first half of the year writing music under the Bethel Music label or under their own Cageless Birds label. Their music is available on every major music streaming service.

Some of the best worship songs by Helser and his wife are available on Spotify and iTunes. Their biggest hit, “No Longer Slaves,” recently won a Dove award in 2016.

No Longer Slaves

Churches love to use these songs for worship.

All of these songs are great for worship.


The Helsers’ most popular song is still “No Longer Slaves,” which was released on Bethel’s album “We Will Not Be Shaken.” It was recorded live on a mountainside in Redding, California. Now, people in churches sing it all over the world. It eventually won them a Dove award, the first ever given to a Bethel Music recording artist.


Another one of Jonathan Helser’s best songs is “Abba.” Some think that it was written by Rick Pino, since he has his own version of it, but it was Helser who first penned the tune. It’s the second most popular song by the North Carolina artist. It’s slower but just as impactful, one of the best worship songs for a slow Sunday morning.

God of the Angel Armies

One of Helser’s older songs is “God of the Angel Armies.” It’s full of electric guitars and wonderful melodies, which has made it popular in many different cities and countries.

Thank You

This one was released on Bethel’s “Have It All” album in 2016. While it’s another popular song, it didn’t have the same impact as “No Longer Slaves.”

Find Me

This is a track from Jonathan and Melissa’s solo album that was released in 2016. It’s full of wonderful songs, including “First Love,” “You Came,” and “Grace.” “Find Me” sticks out on the album as an honest, heartfelt acoustic ballad and one of the best songs on it.

Though most people know of Jonathan Helser from his song “No Longer Slaves,” if at all, his partnership with Bethel Music will continue to put him on the map for years to come. Along with his wife, their music has impacted a generation and will continue to do so for anyone who listens to it. You can find their best worship songs on Spotify, iTunes, and YouTube. Do yourself a favor and give them a listen.