Social Media Reminders Your Kids Need When They Go Back To School


It’s that time of year when all the kids go back to school and it’s the perfect time for parents to give their kids a little social media refresher and let them know what is and what isn’t ok for them to be doing online or posting online. So parents, schedule a family meeting to go over the social media rules with your kids. A great way to go over the rules and make sure that your kids remember them is to write them down on a white board or a chalk board and post it in a central location like a whiteboard playroom or in the kitchen. Here are a few of the reminders that you should be giving your kids about social media:

No Inappropriate Photos

This is a big one. Kids may have gotten a little lax over the summer sending photos to their friends or posting photos on social media like Instagram, Snapchat, or Facebook. You can always edit the photos to make them better. Make sure that you review your family’s photo policies and what is appropriate to post.

Tell your kids if they are not sure if something fits the rules for being to ok to post they should show it to you. If they don’t want to show it you then it definitely isn’t ok to post. Also make sure that they understand what your policy is when it comes to posting memes and gifs that have curse words or inappropriate content.

No Social Media After Bedtime

Kids would be on their social media all night if they could. But as the parent you have to make sure that they get the sleep that need, and kids need a lot of sleep for healthy growth and brain development.


The family should come first

So the best thing that you can do is take their phones at night and put them all in one spot where the kids can’t get at them. Kids now want to play Fortnite all night and it’s unhealthy. A communal charging area in the kitchen is a great place to leave the phones overnight so that they are fully charged in the morning. But wherever the spot is make sure that it’s not easy accessible for the kids.

No Bullying

Kids don’t always have the greatest judgment. In fact most of the time they have pretty poor judgement. That’s why you need to tell them again that they cannot under any circumstances text, post, or share things that are derogatory or negative about someone else.

Even if their friends are doing it and even if it’s a photo or meme that is being send around to the entire class they should not share it. Someone could find an address by name and report them. If someone sends them a message or a meme that targets another child they should show it to you right away. Make it very clear to your kids that won’t tolerate them bullying others or participating in any type of social media bullying.