No Money For Christmas Gifts This Year? Host A Toy Exchange!


It’s that time of year again, when parents sit up late at night crunching numbers and wondering how they’re going to get their kids the best new tech. They need to do it all while taking care of other important things, like the energy bill. If you find yourself in a tight financial situation this year, there is a genius way to get new-ish toys for your kids without spending a dime. Just get your family and friends together and have a toy exchange.

How It Works

Pick a date that’s convenient for the largest number of people. For most, weeknights or weekend mornings work best. If you want to go big, you can get your whole neighborhood involved. But toy exchanges work with small groups, too. Next, gather up all the newer toys that your kids haven’t played with in months. Have everyone else in the group do the same.

Then, on the date you chose, have everyone bring all their unwanted toys to a central spot, such as your home or a church meeting hall. The cost of admission is to bring at least one toy, whether it’s the best new tech or something a little older. From there, parents can look through all the toys and choose some to give to their kids for the holidays. Once they wrap them, their kids won’t notice that they aren’t completely new, especially if they’re younger.

Why Do A Toy Exchange?

Exchange unwanted toys and get gifts your child wants instead.

You can exchange unwanted toys for gifts your child will actually play with.

A toy exchange is a great way to make sure that every parent in the group has something new to give their kids for Christmas, while getting rid of the toys they don’t want at the same time. Maybe your child got some of the best new tech for their birthday, but they never wanted it. And it might even still be new in the box. Meanwhile, your cousin’s child got the toy that yours wanted, but never played with it. You can swap these toys and have the perfect gift for your child, without spending any money.

Toy exchanges are becoming a lot more popular these days because times are a little tough. You might even be able to find a local toy exchange group on Facebook. Even if you don’t have a ton of money to spend on the best new tech, you can still make Christmas special for your family. Participating in a toy exchange is one of the best ways. However, you can also look for discounted toys in sales groups on social media, at the local dollar discount store, or even on eBay. This way, your kids will always have something to open on Christmas. Plus, the holiday is really about the surprise and joy, not the gift. So they’ll be thrilled with toys you give them, even if they’re not 100% new.