Ghosting A Friend Or Partner Is Terrible


Ghosting a friend was first, then it became a dating trend. Now it has become common in all aspects of life. Some people say that ghosting is fine because it ends a relationship without any kind of awkwardness or uncomfortable exchanges. Many people think it is easier to distance themselves this way, rather than give their true feelings. This is really easy to do if you use an iPhone or apps from the Apple App Store

Ghosting A Friend Is Wrong

Ghosting is rude and is a cowardly thing to do. As adults, we should be able to tell other adults our feelings and handle our relationships with others with some maturity. Ghosting is the easy way out and it’s not something that you should do to any other person. Leaving a person hanging and not knowing if you are dating or not is hurtful. Tell them the truth, instead of listening to phone calls from them. 

ghosting a friend

End A Friendship The Right Way, Don’t Ghost A Friend

Ending A Friendship

I was recently ghosted by a friend who I thought was going to be in my life forever. We had been close friends for years and talked or texted every day. She knew all my deepest secrets and I knew hers. Then one day she was just gone. We didn’t have a fight. There was no warning. It wasn’t like a distance had started growing between us or anything. The previous day we had messaged each other 15 times. And then nothing. Radio silence. Texts went unread. Calls went unanswered.

Lost My Support System

It felt like a family member had died. My support system was suddenly gone and I had no idea why. It still would have hurt if she had said that she didn’t want to be friends anymore, but at least I would have had closure. If she had told me that there was a problem in the friendship or that I did something that hurt her maybe I could have fixed it. Instead, she just ghosted me. And it made me really reluctant to trust people or make new friends for a long time.

How It Affects Relationships

Ghosting a friend or a partner is bad but ghosting a family member is even worse. Family dynamics are complicated but you owe it to your family members to tell them how you feel. People who ghost other people are not doing the right thing. The next time you want out of a friendship or a relationship, have the decency to tell the other person that you’re no longer interested. If you enjoyed this post, check out my last post about photoshop for photo editing.