Can A Tablet Really Replace A Laptop?


The new iPad Pros have increased speed and functionality and are probably the best tablet alternative to a laptop. But before I give up my laptop I wanted to really see if a tablet could give me all the functionality that I have in my laptop. I travel and work from home a lot so I need a work computer that can be used in the office, at home, or on the go. And I would love to replace my computer with a tablet that is easy to take with me so I decided I need to put the new iPad Pro to the test and see if it could replace my laptop computer without causing me to work harder or go to extremes to get my work done and turned in time.


For this experiment, I tried using the Apple iPad Pro 12.9 to replace my two-year-old Macbook. In order to stay in touch with my team, I use to chat and Facetime quite frequently. We also use Dropbox and other filesharing applications for documents and photos. Because the iPad Pro now has a USB-C connector it was easy to move files from my external hard drive to the iPad. And after making sure that I had all the apps installed that I needed I was ready to go. I was also using the updated iPencil with the iPad Pro and a Bluetooth keyboard.

One of the first things that I really liked about using the iPad Pro was the Face ID facial recognition. It made it very easy to get into my iPad anywhere that I was, even while traveling. And when I was working in public or traveling I didn’t have to worry about anyone being able to click a button and read the files on my screen or see what was on my screen.

Retina Display

Another thing that I really liked on the iPad was the Liquid Retina display. The dynamic and rich screen interface is very lush and as someone who gets eye strain often from being on a computer or in front of a screen all day every day the Liquid Retina display was very easy on my eyes. And since there is no home button the display is really edging to edge for an absolutely seamless view.

But how was it working on the small screen and typing and taking notes and doing all the things that I’m used to doing on my laptop? It turns out that the iPad pro gave me more functionality and supported my creativity more than any computer I have ever had. The organic simplicity of the iPad makes it easy to use the tablet like an extension of yourself instead of as a separate tool. It was easy to carry around because it is so light and I was able to go sit in a comfortable chair and work or work outside which would have been very difficult with my laptop. The iPad Pro doesn’t replace a laptop, it totally reimagines the creative work process.

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