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Hello, it’s very nice to meet you. My name is Elizabeth T. Mayton and I’m the proud author of The Poor, The Rich, The Well-Off. I’ve always loved to read and write (I was a middle school English teacher before I retired five years ago), but I never paid much attention to the Internet until now. My darling grand-daughter, Jamie, helped me set up this blog so I could share my thoughts on family and society with the world. She’s so bright and intelligent, that one! I’m so proud of her – she actually just entered her freshman year of college at Johns Hopkins University.

My Life As A Struggling Mother

Shortly after the birth of our second child, my husband became very emotionally distant. We lived in the same house, but our marriage was soon lacking any sort of love. I’m sure our children, Susie and Patricia, noticed as they got older. Still, we did our best to create a happy household, even when finances were tight. He always seemed to be in-between jobs, while I worked long hours as a teacher for (what I felt was) not enough pay.

These financial and emotional hardships really shaped me, my daughters, and my grandchildren as people. For that, I wouldn’t change any of it. My husband and I recently divorced as well, so I feel as if I’m able to now look at the world with new eyes. I’d like to offer my advice to anyone who may also be in poverty, as well as families who are wealthy. There are certain, universal things that transcend social class – among them are safety, love, family, and job satisfaction. If you have these four things, in my eyes, you’re one of the wealthiest people in the world. I think what I have to share about parenting, family, and just life in general could benefit anybody out there who’s struggling in today’s society.

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