How Do You Know You are Dealing with MidLife Crisis? And How Do You Manage it?

I’m pretty sure you’ve heard of a midlife crisis. But I know you never thought of ever having it. But brace yourself. Some of the most successful people went through it. No one is immune to it. But once you are experiencing it, the best thing to do is acknowledge and deal with it in […]

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Can A Tablet Really Replace A Laptop?

The new iPad Pros have increased speed and functionality and are probably the best tablet alternative to a laptop. But before I give up my laptop I wanted to really see if a tablet could give me all the functionality that I have in my laptop. I travel and work from home a lot so […]

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Social Media Reminders Your Kids Need When They Go Back To School

It’s that time of year when all the kids go back to school and it’s the perfect time for parents to give their kids a little social media refresher and let them know what is and what isn’t ok for them to be doing online or posting online. So parents, schedule a family meeting to […]

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ghosting a friend

Ghosting A Friend Or Partner Is Terrible

Ghosting a friend was first, then it became a dating trend. Now it has become common in all aspects of life. Some people say that ghosting is fine because it ends a relationship without any kind of awkwardness or uncomfortable exchanges. Many people think it is easier to distance themselves this way, rather than give their true feelings. […]

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photo editing

Photoshop for Photo Editing

Photoshop for Editing Photos Many people around the world are professional photographers. Although, being a photographer is not as easy as it sounds. From investing in the proper cameras to getting photo editing software, it’s a lot of work. Even with the equipment you still need to take amazing photos. As a photographer, you also […]

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You can search the internet or spy on texts to find the best laptops.

Additions To The Laptop-User’s Arsenal

Using a laptop as your exclusive work computer is nice. Sure, you can take the device anywhere, and there are a lot of people that have abandoned the idea of a desktop computer in favor of a device that is portable. That’s why so many people consult sites like Safeguarde to figure out how to […]

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The best worship songs were written by the Helsers.

The Best Songs By Jonathan David & Melissa Helser

Worship music is more relevant around the world than it’s ever been. Meanwhile, bands like Hillsong United and Bethel Music tour all over, playing in packed auditoriums and stadiums. One of the latest additions to the Bethel Music collective within the past couple years is Jonathan Helser, who hails from the hills of North Carolina. […]

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