A text message spy app can keep track of a kid's tech time.

4 Ways Parents Can Teach Kids To Use Technology Responsibly

Parenting blogs everywhere are emphasizing the dangers of letting children use technology. But technology isn’t inherently bad for kids. In fact, kids need to know how to use technology in order to get ahead in school and later on in their adult lives. I should know – I just retired from teaching a few years […]

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Make some plans with your child around their hobbies, which you can learn about with a spy on text message app.

What Your Kids Will Remember When They Grow Older

As a parent, it’s always a struggle to think about what experiences you should give your child. It’s especially difficult when they’re glued to their electronics when they’re not in school. Using a spy on text message app can help you keep track of your child’s interests and hobbies, but it’s not the same as […]

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